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Designing logos and collateral material for corporate events, including their 50th anniversary in Bermuda, we have been creative partners with Bacardi Limited for over 16 years. We have created their corporate annual reports since 2000. Portions of the report are posted online and reprinted in publications and other company displays and projects. Each year great care is taken to reinforce the passion and values of the family, their world class products and the overall progressive spirit of the company. From the annual report, keepsake community activities, to the CEO’s annual holiday cards and stationery, we deliver excellence with every Bacardi brand project.

“AAC Saatchi & Saatchi has never failed to meet the highest of standards and the tightest of deadlines for every report. Their creativity has always impressed me and, more importantly, our shareholders.”
CLARA G FAY / CMA Director of Corporate Affairs, Bermuda / Bacardi