Happy Holidays from AAC Saatchi & Saatchi!

December 15, 2015    

Innovation…a Bermuda tradition. 

It possibly all started with the Bermuda Rig, developed in Bermuda in the 17th Century. A configuration of mast and sail, the Bermuda Rig is the basis for almost all modern sail.

The design was very useful on the windy Bermuda waters for boats that were the mainstay of transport around the Island. Workboats, mostly small sloops, were ubiquitous on Bermuda waters in the 19th century, moving freight, people, and everything else about.

The Bermuda Rig was eventually adopted almost universally on small sailing craft in the 20th Century.

At AAC Saatchi and Saatchi we strive to continue the tradition of innovation by bringing creative and unique ideas to our clients, working with many industry partners who share our vision.